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This project was a NAVFAC Washington project for the study and feasibility for taking an existing fitness center design and provide a comprehensive design and engineering based analysis with goal to define a clear path to achieva a Zero Net Energy (ZNE) facility.  This project posed a unique challenge due to the type of facility (fitness center with high air change requirements and indoor pool) and Mid-Atlantic climate zone (high humidity). 

SBP was an integral team member in this process providing highly technical analysis, recommendations, formatting, organization, presentations & reporting, education and whole building energy modeling.  SBP's methodology  and approach to this challenge was to reduce the electrical and thermal impact of the building as much as possible before introducing renewables to minimize the footprint and likewise cost of the on-site renewable energy generation systems.  Some of the direct services that SBP provided on this project include:

  • Comprehensive whole building energy modeling analysis
  • EPAct 2005 and EISA 2007 path to compliance
  • Technology solutions to achieve 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90% and three different ZNE solutions and energy performance milestones
  • Detailed energy efficiency measure and strengths & weaknesses' matrices
  • Full life cycle analysis of eleven different and unique solutions (MILCON)
  • Evaluation and estimation of operational, maintenance, replacement costs
  • Detailed energy end-use breakdowns and indoor pool impact analysis
  • Evaluation of earth sheltering, advanced daylighting strategies, ICF and thermal mass, heat mirror glazing, high volume low speed fans, ground-air heat exchange, fitness program culture, programming and orientation, natural ventilation, LED, solar thermal, combined heat and power and other measures...

The result of this analysis was a detailed report that outlined the advantages and disadvantages of different design elements and technologies as well as the sustainable ROI for several combined measure packages.

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