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project state market service area program
1200 K DC Office 425700 LEED EBOM
1250 Connecticut DC Office 196600 LEED EBOM
1255 22nd DC Multifamily 265000 LEED-NC
1256 22nd St NW DC Multifamily 201754.5 LEED-NC
1400 K DC Office 210800 LEED EBOM
1400 L Street DC Office 168000 LEED-CS
1440 N. Edgewood Street VA Office 41669 LEED-CS
1441 L Street DC Office 220,271 LEED-CS
1515 New York Ave. DC Retail 93000 LEED-CS
1550 Wilson VA Office 183000 LEED EBOM
1600 Smallman PA Office 126,400 LEED-CS
1625 Eye DC Office 386000 LEED EBOM
1768 Business Park VA Office 98700 ENERGY STAR
1776 Eye DC Office 232000 LEED EBOM
1900 Half Street DC Office 421753 LEED-NC
2000 L DC Office 420400 LEED EBOM
2001 L DC Office 153200 LEED EBOM
2001 M DC Office 299100 LEED-CS
2009 8th Street VA Multifamily 125200 LEED-NC
2901 Eisenhower Ave VA Multifamily 560000 LEED-NC
300 M DC Multifamily 477100 LEED-NC
300 New Jersey DC Office 251300 ENERGY STAR
4000 N Fairfax VA Multifamily 330,000 LEED-NC
4990 Fairmont MD Multifamily 146200 LEED-NC
50 Florida Ave DC Multifamily 203000 LEED-NC
500 First DC Office 134400 LEED EBOM
540 Gaither MD Office 143500 LEED EBOM
601 and 701 South 12th Street VA Office 600000 LEED EBOM
650 Massachusetts DC Office 458300 LEED EBOM
655 New York Ave DC Office 766000 LEED-CS
655 New York Avenue DC Office 766000 LEED-CS
655 NY - Penthouse & Fitness Center DC Office 10000 LEED-NC
6th and K Street Hotel DC Hospitality 135000 LEED-NC
700 K DC Office 361500 LEED-CS
700/800 K Street DC Office 455000 LEED-CS
7125 Columbia Gateway MD Office 254000 LEED-CS
72 Florida Ave DC Other 166600 LEED-NC
750 N Glebe VA Multifamily 495000 LEED-NC
77 K DC Office 167000 LEED-CI
7770 Norfolk MD Multifamily 256500 LEED-NC
785 Arbor Way PA Office 200000 LEED-CS
799 Ninth Street DC Office 220000 LEED EBOM
818 Michigan Ave DC Other 310700
Accotink Village VA Multifamily 353000 LEED HOMES
Achievement Prep at Wahler DC K-12 Education 100000 LEED SCHOOLS
Airlie Pavilion VA Hospitality 5000 LEED-NC
American Society of Civil Engineers VA Office 113700 LEED EBOM
Anthem House MD Multifamily 243800 LEED-NC
Archer Park DC Multifamily 192500 LEED HOMES
Arlington DHS VA Office 54344 LEED-CI
Arlington Gateway VA Office 328100 LEED EBOM
Avenue Grand Apartments MD Multifamily 308000
Axiom Apartments MD Multifamily 260000 LEED HOMES
Bainbridge Federal Hill MD Multifamily 240000 LEED HOMES
Bethesda Crescent MD Office 128800 LEED EBOM
Blair Plaza MD Multifamily 372600 ENERGY STAR
Brightview of Fairfax VA Multifamily 140000 COMPLIANCE
Bureau of Indian Affairs VA Office 66300 LEED-CI
Bureau of Land Management DC Office 84000 LEED-CI
Camana Bay Office Tower North KY Office 219000 LEED-CS
Cambria Square VA Multifamily 50000 LEED HOMES
Cameron Park VA Multifamily 66000 LEED HOMES
Camp Allen Elementary School VA K-12 Education 150000 LEED SCHOOLS
Candlewood Elementary MD K-12 Education 85000 LEED SCHOOLS
Cathedral Commons DC Multifamily 280000 LEED-NC
City Market at O - Hodge on 7th DC Multifamily 83100 ENTERPRISE
City View Apartments DC Multifamily 70000 LEED HOMES
Commonwealth Center VA Office 35000 LEED-CS
Coolidge High School DC K-12 Education 359060 LEED SCHOOLS
Covington & Burling DC Office 413000 LEED-CI
Dominion Heights VA Multifamily 79000 LEED-NC
DoubleTree Hotel DC Hospitality 148000
Douron MD Retail 28000 LEED-CI
Drinker Biddle DC Office 89000 COMPLIANCE
Elements Gallery NC Retail 4800
F1RST Residences DC Multifamily 349900 LEED-NC
Friendship Technology Charter School DC K-12 Education 60041 LEED SCHOOLS
Georgetown University New Student Center DC Higher Education 40000 LEED-CI
Goodwin DC DC Office 83000 LEED-CI
Goodwin Procter DC DC Office 270980 LEED-CI
Harbor East MD Hospitality 508300 LEED-NC
Harbor East - Liberty MD Multifamily 320000 LEED-NC
HealthWorks for Northern Virginia VA Office 27300 LEED-NC
Hecht's Historic Warehouse DC Multifamily 545000 LEED-CS
Henrico County Fire Station 19 VA Public Safety 11500 LEED-NC
Hillcrest III PA Office 150000
Hoffman VA Office 190400 LEED-CS
INOVA - Medical Office Building IV VA Office 105000 LEED-NC
InterContinental - Harbor Court MD Office 320,300
Internal Revenue Service DC Office 167,000 LEED-CI
James K. Polk Elementary VA K-12 Education 68000 LEED SCHOOLS
LIDL HQ VA Office 80000 LEED-CI
Lincoln Square DC Office 384000 ENERGY STAR
Loudon Community Health Center VA Office 23,700 LEED-NC
Mason and Rook DC Hospitality 160000 LEED-CI
Media Office DC Office 46000 LEED-CI
Miller & Chevalier DC Office 83000 LEED-CI
Monarch at Waugh Chapel MD Multifamily 300500 ENERGY STAR
Monarch at Waugh Chapel MD Multifamily 231335 ENERGY STAR
MSCI - Rockville Office MD Office 40905 LEED-CI
NH Midtown North - The Haven MD Multifamily 250000 LEED-NC
NH Midtown North - The Haven MD Multifamily 204444 LEED-NC
One Medical Group VA Health 3905 LEED-CI
One Reston Crescent VA Office 185000 LEED EBOM
Park Meridian at Eisenhower VA Multifamily 558200 LEED-NC
Paul Public Charter School DC K-12 Education 30600 LEED SCHOOLS
Pillsbury DC Office 83000 LEED-CI
Pittsburgh Produce Terminal PA Office 162000 LEED-CS
Potomac Tower VA Office 381500 LEED EBOM
Potomac Yard - Landbay I and J VA Multifamily 633700 LEED HOMES
Powhatan VA Other 244780.5 LEED HOMES
Regus DC Office 244200 LEED EBOM
Remington Row MD Multifamily 157700 LEED-NC
Richard Bland College Ernst Hall VA Higher Education 35600 COMPLIANCE
Riverside Apartments DC Multifamily 241000 LEED-NC
Robinson Terminal North- East Tract VA Hospitality 123500 LEED-NC
Robinson Terminal North- West Tract VA Multifamily 135000 LEED-NC
Salamander Resort & Spa VA Hospitality 190000 LEED-NC
Silver Spring Metro Plaza MD Office 664400 LEED EBOM
Silver Spring Metro Plaza - 8401 MD Office 158,500 LEED EBOM
Springline Architects VI Office 2800 LEED-NC
Square 701 Apartment DC Multifamily 266000 LEED-NC
Square 701 Apartment DC Multifamily 212511 LEED-NC
Square 701 Ballpark Hotel DC Hospitality 132800 LEED-CS
Square 701 Ballpark Hotel DC Hospitality 132800 LEED-CS
Square 701 Marriott Residence Inn DC Hospitality 132000 LEED-CI
Square 701 Marriott Residence Inn DC Hospitality 215200 LEED-CI
Square 701 Residential DC Multifamily 266000 LEED-NC
St. Thomas Multifamily DC Multifamily 52000 LEED-NC
St. Thomas Parish DC Other 20900 LEED-NC
Station House DC Multifamily 389000 LEED-NC
Sustainable Building Partners VA Office 4885 LEED-CI
The Can Company - Emerging Technology Center MD Office 46,500
The Laurel TX Multifamily 281209
The Signet DC Multifamily 130000 LEED-NC
The Signet DC Multifamily 130000 LEED-NC
The Waycroft VA Multifamily 547000 LEED-NC
Town Center at Laurel MD Multifamily 327500 COMPLIANCE
Town Center South DC Multifamily 166000 LEED-NC
Toyota Motor Company of N.A. DC Office 30000 LEED-CI
Truluck's Restaurant DC Other 11000
Two Reston Crescent VA Office 193300 LEED EBOM
Tysons West VA Multifamily 435000 LEED-NC
U.S. Air Force - Joint Base Andrews, Fitness MD Recreation 90,800 LEED-NC
Uline Arena DC Office 261900 LEED-CS
UMCP- President's Residence & Event Center MD Office 12500 LEED-NC
Union Mill MD Office 86,200 BCGBS
V Street Apartments DC Multifamily 82600 LEED-NC
Venable LLP DC Other 442600 LEED-CI
Victor Building DC Office 353200 LEED EBOM
Victor Building DC Office 349,687 LEED EBOM
Wallops Island Fire Station VA Municipal 16600 LEED-NC
Wallops Island Mission Launch Command VA Other 15300 LEED-NC
War Horse Office MD Office 43400

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Victor Building