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project state market service area program
10 N Calvert MD Multifamily 164570 BCGBS
11 Stanwix PA Office 450000 INCENTIVES
1111 N Charles MD Office 60000 BCGBS
1219 First DC Multifamily 257500 LEED-NC
1255 22nd DC Multifamily 265000 LEED-NC
1256 22nd St NW DC Multifamily 201754.5 LEED-NC
1270 4th Street DC Multifamily 414000 LEED-NC
130 Severn MD Other 10400 LEED-CS
1401 Wilson VA Office 207400 LEED-CS
1401 Wilson VA Multifamily 354000 LEED-NC
150 Eye Street DC Multifamily 396000 LEED-NC
1525 14th DC Office 47240 LEED-CS
165 Clinton NJ Other 60000 LEED-NC
1700 M DC Office 343150 LEED-CS
1700 New York DC Office 134000 LEED-CS
1800 Eye DC Office 35000 LEED-CS
1800 Rockville MD Multifamily 420722 LEED-NC
1900 Crystal VA Office 700000 LEED-CS
2 Eye Street DC Office 421700 LEED EBOM
2001 M DC Office 299100 LEED-CS
2025 Clarendon VA Office 189000 LEED-CS
2201 Pershing VA Multifamily 241800 LEED-NC
2311 Wilson VA Office 180000 LEED-CS
2400 14th DC Multifamily 254000 LEED-NC
25 M Street DC Office 258700 LEED-CS
275 N Washington MD Office 22500 LEED-CS
2800 Lord Baltimore MD Office 146700 LEED-CS
2900 Fairview VA Office 140800 LEED-NC
300 M DC Multifamily 477100 LEED-NC
301 West Broad VA Multifamily 373000 LEED-NC
3rd & Poplar NC Multifamily 358600 LEED-NC
40 Wight MD Office 105000 LEED-CS
400 Florida Avenue DC Multifamily 111300 LEED-NC
4000 Benning DC Multifamily 67380 ENTERPRISE
4000 N Fairfax VA Multifamily 333000 LEED-NC
4201 Fairfax Drive VA Multifamily 146800 LEED-NC
4500 East West MD Office 220000 LEED-CS
4990 Fairmont MD Multifamily 146200 LEED-NC
50 Florida DC Multifamily 225000 LEED-NC
500 Madison VA Multifamily 231800 LEED-NC
500 N Capitol DC Office 220000 LEED-CS
600 Massachusetts DC Office 430600 LEED-CS
621 N Payne VA Multifamily 218600 LEED-NC
6822 New Hampshire DC Office 12500 LEED-NC
700 K DC Office 361500 LEED-CS
7001 Arlington Rd MD Multifamily 153200 LEED-NC
7125 Columbia Gateway MD Office 254000 LEED-CS
750 N Glebe VA Multifamily 495000 LEED-NC
7770 Norfolk MD Multifamily 256500 LEED-NC
785 Arbor Way PA Office 200000 LEED-CS
7880 Milestone MD Office 120000 LEED-CS
800 New Jersey DC Multifamily 297000 LEED-NC
818 Michigan Ave DC Other 310700
8415 Fenton Drive MD Multifamily 446000 LEED-NC
8711 Georgia Ave. MD Multifamily 152230 LEED-NC
ACC9 Data Center VA Data Center 362100 LEED-CS
Accotink Village VA Multifamily 353000 LEED HOMES
ADP Campus Building TX Office 151000 LEED-NC
Advance at Hoboken NJ Multifamily 345500 LEED-NC
Airlie Pavilion VA Hospitality 5000 LEED-NC
American Dream NJ Retail 2500000 INCENTIVES
American Society of Civil Engineers VA Office 113700 LEED EBOM
Amherst Building VA Office 115000 LEED-CS
Anacostia High School DC K-12 Education 205000 LEED SCHOOLS
Annapolis Town Center II - Landbay 15 MD Multifamily 223200 LEED-NC
Anthem House MD Multifamily 243800 LEED-NC
Archer Park DC Multifamily 192500 LEED HOMES
Art Place at Fort Totten DC Multifamily 538000 LEED-NC
Ashburn Corporate Center 6 VA Data Center 222260 LEED-CS
Ashburn Corporate Center 7 VA Data Center 400000 LEED-CS
Ashburn Sheriff's Office VA Public Safety 18000 LEED-NC
Ashburn Technology Park VA Office 110000 LEED-CS
Atlantic Gardens DC Multifamily 83500 ENTERPRISE
Atlantic Terrace DC Multifamily 167000 ENTERPRISE
Bacon Race Fire Station VA Public Safety 18000 LEED-NC
Bakery Square 2.0 PA Office 212000 LEED-CS
Ballpark Square DC Office 230000 LEED-CS
Baltimore Crossroads - G MD Office 28500 LEED-CS
Baltimore West Side Shelter MD Multifamily 12000 BCGBS
Bay Terrace Apartments CA Multifamily 389300 LEED-NC
Bel Air Elementary School VA K-12 Education 53700 ENERGY STAR
Belcrest Plaza MD Multifamily 311900 LEED-NC
Bowie State University - New Student Union MD Higher Education 95000 LEED-NC
Brightleaf & Cooper VA Multifamily 73000 LEED HOMES
Brightview at South River MD Health 67400 LEED-NC
Brompton House DC Multifamily 277000 LEED-NC
BWI Tech Park III MD Office 51100 LEED-CS
Calvert Apartments VA Multifamily 300000 LEED-NC
Campostella Elementary School VA K-12 Education 185000 COMPLIANCE
Candlewood Elementary MD K-12 Education 85000 LEED SCHOOLS
Capitol View on 14th DC Multifamily 255800 LEED-NC
Cardozo High School DC K-12 Education 250000 LEED SCHOOLS
Caribbean Cinemas VI Other 30000 INCENTIVES
Carlyle Plaza One VA Office 602000 LEED-CS
Carnegie Mellon University PA Higher Education 3500 COMPLIANCE
Cathedral Commons DC Multifamily 280000 LEED-NC
Catholic University DC Higher Education 54000 LEED-NC
Catholic University Father O'Connell Hall DC Higher Education 69000 LEED-NC
Central Savings MD Multifamily 18200 BCGBS
Channel Square DC Multifamily 315400 ENTERPRISE
Chase Brexton Health Services MD Office 90000 INCENTIVES
Cheval Bethesda MD Multifamily 146200 LEED-NC
Chevy Chase Lakes MD Multifamily 216600 LEED-NC
City Market at O - Hodge on 7th DC Multifamily 83100 ENTERPRISE
City Market at O Residences DC Multifamily 189700 LEED-NC
City Sports DC Retail 38000 COMPLIANCE
CityMarket at O - Cambria Suites DC Hospitality 108000 LEED-NC
CityMarket at O - Residences DC Multifamily 328300 LEED-NC
Clover Hill Academy VA K-12 Education 210000 LEED SCHOOLS
College Park West MD Multifamily 257500 LEED-NC
Colonial Village VA Multifamily 122400 ENTERPRISE
Columbia Hills VA Multifamily 231000 COMPLIANCE
Columbia Parcel C MD Multifamily 537000 LEED-NC
Crestwood Cooperative DC Multifamily 19700 ENTERPRISE
Crown Farm MD Multifamily 844234 LEED-NC
Crystal Square 3 VA Office 210000 LEED-CS
Dennis Avenue Health Clinic MD Health 30714 LEED-NC
Diane's House Ministries DC Multifamily 30600
Diocese of Wheeling WV K-12 Education 18000 LEED-NC
Dublin Elementary School MD K-12 Education 44300 INCENTIVES
Duke Elementary School MD K-12 Education 76000 LEED SCHOOLS
Duke University NC Higher Education 70000 LEED-NC
Duke University Rubenstein Arts Center NC Higher Education 70300 LEED-NC
Duke University-School of Nursing Addition NC Higher Education 40000 LEED-NC
Dynasplint Systems, Inc. MD Office 72000 LEED-NC
Eastern Family Resource Center MD Municipal 80100 LEED-NC
Eastern Shore Community College VA Higher Education 47200 LEED-NC
Edgewood Terrace DC Multifamily 84700 ENTERPRISE
Elements Gallery NC Retail 4800
Elysium Logan DC Multifamily 54900
Embarcadero Commerce Center TX Office 246600 LEED-NC
Enoch Pratt Library MD Municipal 290000 LEED-NC
Enoch Pratt Library MD Municipal 290000 LEED-NC
Essex House MD Multifamily 113000 ENTERPRISE
F1RST Residences DC Multifamily 349900 LEED-NC
Fairmont High School MD K-12 Education 180000 LEED SCHOOLS
Fallston High School MD K-12 Education 230000 INCENTIVES
Fieldside Village MD Multifamily 218300 INCENTIVES
Fort Lincoln - Jamison Street DC Multifamily 285500 LEED-NC
Foxcroft School Dormitory VA K-12 Education 25000 LEED-NC
Frick Art & Historical Center PA Other 6000 LEED-NC
Frick Art & Historical Center- Car & Carriage PA Other 29300 LEED-NC
Frostburg State University - CCIT MD Higher Education 127700 LEED-NC
Gaithersburg High School MD K-12 Education 382400 LEED SCHOOLS
Gateway at Washington Hill Phase II MD Multifamily 220000 BCGBS
Gateway Market DC Multifamily 153000 LEED-NC
George Mason University Shenandoah Housing VA Higher Education 68500 LEED-NC
George Mason University-Academic VII VA Higher Education 170452 LEED-NC
Georgetown Day School DC K-12 Education 150000 LEED-NC
Georgetown University Residence Hall DC Higher Education 85000 LEED-CI
Georgia Avenue Training Center DC Higher Education 24000 LEED-NC
Goodwin House VA Health 85000 LEED-NC
Google 2.0 PA Office 30000 LEED-CI
Google 3.0 PA Office 39600 LEED-CI
Hampton Inn DC Hospitality 85000 LEED-NC
Harford Community College-School of Nursing MD Higher Education 50000 LEED-NC
Harrison 5 NJ Multifamily 315000 LEED-NC
Hebrew Home DC Multifamily 89300 LEED-NC
Hecht's Historic Warehouse DC Multifamily 545000 LEED-CS
Heinz History Center PA Other 50000 LEED-NC
HELP USA DC Multifamily 70000 ENERGY STAR
Henrico County Fire Station 19 VA Public Safety 11500 LEED-NC
Hillcrest III PA Office 150000
Hillcrest One PA Office 115000 LEED-CS
HINE - Office DC Office 190,400 LEED-CS
HINE - South Apartments DC Multifamily 305,900 LEED-NC
HINE on Capitol Hill - North Apartments DC Multifamily 48,300 LEED-NC
Hoffman VA Office 190400 LEED-CS
I-95 Travel Plaza MD Hospitality 29845 LEED-NC
IDEA Public Charter School DC K-12 Education 29000 LEED SCHOOLS
Ingleside at King Farm MD Multifamily 631700 LEED-NC
INTEC Group VA Office 6300 LEED-CI
InterContinental - Harbor Court MD Office 320,300
Internal Revenue Service DC Office 167,000 LEED-CI
James K. Polk Elementary VA K-12 Education 68000 LEED SCHOOLS
Jefferson Square at Washington Hill MD Multifamily 325000 LEED-NC
John Adams Elementary VA K-12 Education 142300 LEED SCHOOLS
Johns Hopkins University - Lacrosse Building MD Recreation 13800 LEED-NC
Jones Branch Drive VA Office 323985 LEED-NC
Kenilworth Parkside Recreation Center DC Recreation 19,200 LEED-NC
Kirkpatrick Firestation VA Public Safety 17000 LEED-NC
Latino Economic Development Center DC Office 6800 LEED-NC
Lawrence Avenue Self Storage DC Other 127300 LEED-NC
Liberty Exchange Flex Office - A, B, C, D