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Buildings account for nearly 40% of the total global energy-related greenhouse gas emissions. Given this substantial impact, improving energy efficiency, adopting renewable energy sources, and positioning buildings for future success are crucial mechanisms for reducing carbon footprints and mitigating the impacts of climate change. At SBP, we work with building owners, design practitioners, and stakeholders to effectively implement these strategies through advanced technical analysis and integrated design processes. With the use of whole-building energy modeling, energy auditing and advanced data analytics we are able to evaluate architectural concepts, HVAC, lighting, controls and renewable energy considerations and help inform these key design decisions. A successful project is one in which the design team is able to understand the energy impacts of design and operational decisions in the larger context of the project’s goals, resulting in better-informed and more effective decisions. 

SBP offers dynamic and flexible energy performance services to support all types of projects and clients:

SBP works to support projects from initial programming all the way through occupancy using an effective workflow that involves consistent touch-points throughout the process:

  • Performance Targets – SBP facilitates a collaborative goal setting process in early design stages and works to identify big-impact items and how to position projects to meet entitlement conditions, certification requirements, internal goals, ESG goals or building performance standards.
  • Optimization & Fine-tuning – Throughout the design development phases SBP implements whole-building energy modeling and various other tools to help quantify and inform key design decisions. SBP works to move the needle on building performance by using a forward-thinking and integrated process that effectively balances all project goals and puts the building in the best position for future success.
  • Compliance & Benchmarking – SBP collaborates with energy and green code officials and green building certification (e.g. LEED) officials to guide teams through project acceptance. 
  • Performance Verification – By applying energy auditing, M&V strategies, data-driven energy modeling, and advanced data analytics SBP is able to evaluate operational energy performance in order to ensure projects are operating as intended, assess opportunities for improvement, or evaluate overall benchmarking.