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Building Commissioning Services

At SBP, we develop working relationships with general contractors and appropriate subcontractors in order to identify and resolve issues, throughout the construction effort, as fast and as painless as possible.  After each site visit we reach out to the on-site superintendent communicating with them the issues identified, prior to formal reporting.  This allows for a quicker response rate and issue resolution from the team while remaining sensitive to the overall construction schedule.  SBP helps to deliver a high quality commission product through our ongoing dialogue and “hands on” method with different construction teams.

Building commissioning (Cx) is a critical component to help ensure the delivery of and sustained operation of high performance buildings expected by facility owners.  SBP provides full building commissioning services in support of LEED Certification with a skilled eye for energy performance:

  • Fundamental Cx (LEED EA Prereq. 1)
  • Enhanced Cx (LEED EA Credit 4)
  • Retro-Cx (Utility Incentives, LEED, other)
  • Investigation Cx (LEED-EBOM Credit 2.1)
  • Implementation Cx (LEED-EBOM Credit 2.2)
  • Ongoing Cx (LEED-EBOM Credit 2.3)

Retro-commissioning is one of SBP’s methods of “tuning up” existing buildings.  A facility’s original use often changes throughout the years, and mechanical systems tend to get out of balance. SBP helps to find the appropriate alignment between day-to-day operations, existing HVAC infrastructure, and sustained tenant comfort. We define success when our retro-commissioning effort provides meaningful guidance for property managers and building owners to take action, reducing erroneous energy usage without compromising comfort.