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Building Commissioning Services

Building commissioning (Cx) is a critical component to help ensure the delivery of and sustained operation of high performance buildings expected by facility owners. SBP provides full building commissioning services in support of LEED Certification with a skilled eye for energy performance. 

These services are enhanced through coordination between the Commissioning, Sustainable Programs, and Building Performance departments. Each of these departments boasts a diverse group of individuals all bringing unique professional, educational, and cultural inputs to their work. Additionally, SBP utilizes cutting edge internet based platforms which empowers us to extend our reach beyond the mid atlantic. It is through the dedication of our personnel and leveraging of latest technologies that SBP is able to serve projects regionally and nationally.

The SBP standard allows for an individualized approach to each project’s challenges. With the increased complexity in building systems owners are finding the value of ensuring all commissioning requirements are performed, and the building is functioning as the design intended. SBP delivers a high quality commission product through our ongoing dialogue and “hands on” method with project teams. 

Commissioning Method

  • Establish Relationships: At SBP, we develop working relationships with the entire project team in order to identify and resolve issues throughout the project effort. SBP commissioning authorities are a direct line from ownership vision to deliverance of the final product
  • Design Intent: Our involvement with the design team allows for critical insights to be incorporated into the early design packages helping to reduce the need for formal requests for information in later stages of the projects. 
  • Performance Verification: SBP commissioning authorities analyze design packages for consistency across all trades. This translates to proper integration of equipment, systems, and their controls. Additionally, our collaborative approach with the construction team members allows for fast and painless issue resolution in real time.
  • Acceptance: The combined efforts of the SBP process culminates to a verified, high performing product reflective of ownership’s total vision.

Commissioning Services

  • Fundamental Cx (LEED EA Prereq. 1)
  • Enhanced Cx (LEED EA Credit 3pts4)
  • Monitor Based Cx  (LEED EA Credit 1pt)
  • Variations for jurisdictional Energy Code Commissioning
  • Verification Exhaust sealing and Refrigerant Charge
  • Retro-Cx (Utility Incentives, LEED, other)