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Consulting Services

SBP provides full service sustainable design and construction consulting and project administration for all green building certifications. SBP will take your project from pen to plaque. We pride ourselves on offering streamlined program management, consultant organization, credit calculations, reviews, and timely client response.

Our collaborative process is iterative to ensure our client’s goals are being realized in the building delivered.

  • Goal Set – Establish requirements and aspirational targets, study sustainability focus areas (i.e. carbon, wellness).
  • Feedback Loop – Review design at major milestones providing iterative feedback to ensure design reflects path identified.
  • Ensure Success – SBP construction administration process ensures the building reflects the design goals.
  • Storytelling – SBP can partner to showcase the project success!

At SBP, we strive to provide our clients with peace of mind through the Certification process. Our clients hire us to provide in depth knowledge of the various green building certification programs and serve as the liaison to the certification bodies.. We actually provide so much more through coordination of the team members, guidance for compliance, and present sustainable approaches for design and construction. We not only identify and predict potential problems or challenges within the program; we identify manageable solutions.

We have a comprehensive background in the technical aspects of all the LEED programs, versions, submission and review process including:

LEED for Existing Buildings
LEED for New Construction
LEED for Core & Shell
LEED for Commercial Interiors
LEED for Schools
LEED for Homes
LEED for Neighborhood Development
National Green Building Standard (NGBS) (link)
Enterprise Green Communities
Enterprise Green Communities Plus
Energy Star New Construction
DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes (ZERH)

SBP is positioned to support your project in pursuit of goals and achievements well beyond the sustainability frameworks.

Carbon | Wellness | Indoor Environment | Construction Support

Residential | Entitlement&Funding Support | energy star benchmarking