Integrative Design.
Precise Assessment.
High Performance.

Early Design Planning

Projects are often faced with a complex web of sustainability requirements and initiatives that can become a burden on project timelines and budgets. At SBP we believe early design coordination is imperative in ensuring these requirements are met but we also recognize that this effort can often get lost in the shuffle of early planning. We specialize in facilitating this early conversation and seamlessly embedding it within the design workflow. We strive to simplify the process by pursuing an integrated design approach that harnesses the expertise of every stakeholder involved. By leveraging our technical acumen and utilizing advanced tools such as whole-building energy modeling and Helioscope, we’re able to provide a precise assessment of the project’s requirements and help to establish recommendations and considerations for success.

Our team is committed to providing exceptional support and technical expertise throughout the design phase. We collaborate closely with owners and design teams as well as code and other jurisdictional officials in order to foster a shared understanding of sustainability goals and ensure their successful integration into the project. We strive for a streamlined process that achieves project requirements and yields a high performance and precedent-setting building.

SBP can support with all early design initiatives including but not limited to:

  • Sustainability master planning
  • Site plan, sector plan & zoning conditions
  • Planning commission participation
  • Green building incentive policies (e.g. Arlington County, Alexandria, etc.)
  • Net Zero goal setting
  • Performance benchmarking
  • Solar feasibility studies