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Carbon Reduction Consulting Services

Embodied Carbon will be responsible for ALMOST HALF of total new construction emissions between now and 2050. It is imperative that the building design + construction industry places a heightened focus on material solutions to meet our collective goals reducing the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions attributable to the build environment.

SBP provides building construction Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Whole Life Carbon Analysis for new construction and major renovation projects; working to  educate, benchmark, guide, and reduce the environmental impact associated with material choices in the built environment. At SBP, we foster collaboration between the project architect, structural engineer, and contractor to ensure all opportunities are evaluated for environmental impact.  Our philosophy and methodology focuses on making transformative decisions by understanding and recognizing project-specific opportunities and limitations.  SBP’s process and approach include:

  • Identify, evaluate, and celebrate decisions that have optimized the value of material choices
  • Identify, consider, and specify low carbon materials
  • Track and review product selections to ensure sustainability goals are achieved

One of the six environmental impact categories evaluated as part of the LCA activity is global warming potential (GWP), or embodied carbon.  The LCA calculates the total embodied carbon of structure and enclosure materials, and any other material categories included as part of the analysis.  SBP can evaluate and prepare a Carbon Position statement for your project by pairing material impact with operational energy usage from our detailed whole-building energy model analysis; looking to leverage our project knowledge to help identify a comprehensive review of future GHG emissions. Together, this evaluation provides our partners valuable insight and information for planning and tracking carbon neutrality goals.

Specific Services we provide:

  • Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment for LEED
  • Embodied Carbon Reduction Consulting
  • Whole Life Carbon Analysis
  • Concept level studies and master planning
  • Carbon Position Statements
  • Deep dive material review