Advancing Building
Performance Analysis

whole-building energy modeling

SBP uses a variety software tools, including the EnergyPlus energy simulation software and Python programming to create a comprehensive digital representation of a building design or as-built condition. This process yields quantified hourly profiles for building loads, system parameters and energy consumption which enables SBP to perform advanced building performance analyses including but not limited to design optimization, benchmarking and performance verification. The energy model is a powerful and versatile design tool that can help inform projects from pre-design to construction and beyond. SBP works to integrate this tool at all phases of design in order to maximize value and impact.

SBP has extensive experience in providing timely and comprehensive whole building energy simulations in support of:

  • Energy code compliance (ASHRAE 90.1, IECC) 
  • Green code compliance (IGCC, ASHRAE 189)
  • LEED Energy & Atmosphere
  • EnergyStar Multifamily New Construction 
  • Enterprise Green Communities
  • Green Globes
  • Design optimization
  • Building life cycle analysis
  • Performance verification (e.g. M&V, etc.) 
  • Energy auditing / calibrated simulation 
  • Utility allowances & forecasting
  • Utility incentives & rebates
  • 179D Tax Deductions
  • Carbon accounting & forecasting
  • Many more