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Indoor Air Quality Testing Services

According to the EPA, approximately 90% of our time is spent indoors. Within those indoor environments, pollutant concentrations are often 2 to 5 times higher than typical outdoor concentrations. The main contaminants that can be harmful to human health are Formaldehydes, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), particulate matter (e.g., dust, suspended dirt, etc.), Carbon monoxide, and Ozone. At SBP, we recognize the impact of those contaminants on building occupants and the vitality of limiting occupant exposure. As a response to this growing concern, we have developed an IAQ Testing Program that ensures occupants will experience the highest level of indoor environmental quality across the selected impact areas by utilizing rigorous testing protocols.


Positively impacting indoor environmental quality begins in the design process through the responsible specification of products and materials. IAQ Testing is the ultimate validation that design requirements relating to low-emitting materials and pollutant source control measures were successfully implemented during the construction phase.

SBP’s IAQ Testing Program begins with the review of the mechanical drawings to determine the appropriate number of samples and days required to perform testing on site. Once substantial completion occurs, a kick-off meeting is held with the General Contractor to educate them on the requirements and processes associated with testing efforts. In order to maximize the probability of success, SBP will then conduct a pre-test walkthrough with the General Contractor to determine feasible testing locations and confirm that all required site condition parameters have been upheld. Our strong collaboration with field staff makes our process unique and effective.

Testing will be conducted with cutting-edge technology by experienced IAQ Technicians. At SBP, we are constantly challenging ourselves to deliver the most accurate and timely testing results. These results are communicated via reporting, which confirms that the air within the space is of the highest quality and the project is ready to be occupied.