A Whole Building
Approach to Efficiency
Comfort and Value.
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Our Method For Sustainability

evaluating goals and opportunities.
We help find and maximize benefits and opportunities for developers, builders, consumers, governments, and the general public.  We look to fully integrate ourselves into the building design and operation process with the goals to:

  • Address health concerns and environmental quality
  • Enhance overall comfort and the end-user experience
  • Reduce environmental and economic costs
  • Take full advantage of opportunities
  • Bring energy issues to the project forefront
  • Meeting or exceeding standards (including LEED, ASHRAE, IMC)

technical analysis.
Depending on client and partner needs, our team will provide a whole systems analysis – one that evaluates how all the components of a building work synergistically to increase the building’s overall performance. We can provide energy modeling, building commissioning services and services to meet and/or exceed your performance goals without compromising quality.  We look to evaluate complex energy utilization systems,challenges and ideas and break them down to simple and explainable concepts.

strategy and implementation.
SBP believes in building partnerships with our clients. We can meet your energy efficiency and sustainable development needs from project inception, design, construction, operations & maintenance throughout the asset’s life cycle. Our team will help strike the right balance between energy performance, user comfort and project cost.