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Justin Aruck Director of Building Performance
Brian Atkinson Commissioning Team Manager
Scott Atkinson Residential Programs Manager
Sahiti Ayala Commissioning Specialist
Mike Babcock Founder / Managing Partner
Abbey Beal Sustainable Project Manager
Natalia Blewonska Sustainable Program Analyst
Mike Boggs Sr. Building Performance Engineer
Katharine Brand Sustainable Program Specialist
Paul Brefka Sustainable Project Manager
Marisa Britton Sustainable Project Manager
Kyle Clark Building Performance Specialist
Daniel Colbert Commissioning Engineer
Kalin Cormack Building Performance Analyst
Jessica Cremen Commissioning Engineer
Becca Doermann Sustainable Program Specialist
Laura Featherstone Sustainable Project Manager
John French Commissioning Team Manager
Nico Galdiz Commissioning Analyst
Sierra Garrity Sustainable Program Analyst
Thiru Gudluru Building Performance Specialist
Haley Hiller Sustainable Program Specialist
Dave Jacob Sustainability Technical Manager
Mandy Kapalka Operations Coordinator
Ish Keneer Manager of Building Enclosures
Austin Luginbuhl Enclosure Specialist
Raj Mathur Commissioning Analyst
Charlotte Metzler Senior Enclosure Specialist
Andy Miles Building Performance Engineer
Scott Neill Sustainable Program Specialist
Rachel Nicely Director of Sustainable Programs
Scott Peduto Sustainable Program Analyst
Amrut Ratnala Commissioning Analyst
Ashley Rice Commissioning Specialist
Kirsten Smith Sustainability Technical Manager
Alison Snider Sustainable Program Analyst
Aaron Taule Sustainable Program Analyst
Bishan Thapa Building Performance Analyst
Hawkins Thomas Sustainable Program Manager
Jake Torok Building Performance Manager
Adam Ugliuzza Director of Building Enclosures
Neha Vyas Sustainable Project Manager
Dan Wilcox Founder / Senior Partner
Jennifer Wolf Director of Sustainable Programs
Aisha Zhanuakassova Commissioning Analyst
Jared Zimmerman Building Performance Analyst