Healthier Buildings.
Healthier People.

Value Proposition

SBP is committed to advancing building occupant experience through integration of wellness design, promotion of healthy workspaces, and effective programming.

Our goal is to support a more active and healthy built environment that nourishes the mind and body. We believe wellness requires investment in and support through infrastructure and programming. The foundation for our method is established through our Wellness Pillars.

  • Invest in your people – Attract and retain top talent. Create a culture to thrive and keep employees engaged.
  • Financial Success – Demonstrate portfolio improvements compared to industry competition. Improve employee productivity and reduce absenteeism. Reduce healthcare costs and measure ROI.
  • Benchmarking and Reporting – Establish wellness as a key goal for ESG reporting and Triple Bottom Line assessment. Validate your work and align with the industry. Establish market leadership by promoting your success.