Pathway Towards
A Healthier Future.

Wellness Consulting Services

SBP provides full service wellness consulting and full certification administration for WELL and Fitwel. SBP works closely with design, construction, and property management teams to develop and implement a plan that is geared towards improving the well-being of the people using the space. We are continually refining our level of engagement to adapt to organizational priorities and individual needs in the wellness arena.  Our method for refining and establishing policies and procedures is geared towards enhancement and guidance in operations validating healthy spaces through third-party testing.  We stay up-to-date with program changes, general wellness strategies, priorities, and criteria to be in a better position to tailor specific plans with our partners.

At SBP, we work to provide effective project team coordination, guidance for compliance, and present creative solutions that improve the quality of life and support workplace  culture and productivity. Our philosophy and approach is to learn, adapt, implement, improve, and repeat:

  • Guide – Establish targets, approach validation, product vetting, and other activities with project team to outline  infrastructure that supports a healthy atmosphere
  • Benchmark Performance and Measure Success – Communicate the value to employees, investors, and the market.
  • Establish Programs – Highlight, enhance, and  improve workplace culture and employee experience.
  • Develop and Create – Streamline documentation for Certification and ease for renewals.  Creating an active dialogue that works to put paper into action.

SBP offers partners an experienced team of WELL Accredited Professionals, Fitwel Ambassadors and passionate multi-discipline subject matter experts to support your corporate and/or project wellness goals.

  • WELL – The premier standard developed by the International Well Building Institute (IWBI) in 2014. This program includes a testing and verification component that set this rating system in a higher standard. Learn more about the WELL Building Standard here.
  • Fitwel – This streamlined policy driven program was established by Center for Active Design (CfAD) in 2017. It provides solutions that impact occupant’s daily routines to promote physical, mental, and social health. Learn More about Fitwel Certification System here.

Value Proposition

SBP is committed to advancing building occupant experience through integration of wellness design, promotion of healthy workspaces, and effective programming.

Our goal is to support a more active and healthy built environment that nourishes the mind and body. We believe wellness requires investment in and support through infrastructure and programming. The foundation for our method is established through our Wellness Pillars.

  • Invest in your people – Attract and retain top talent. Create a culture to thrive and keep employees engaged.
  • Financial Success – Demonstrate portfolio improvements compared to industry competition. Improve employee productivity and reduce absenteeism. Reduce healthcare costs and measure ROI.
  • Benchmarking and Reporting – Establish wellness as a key goal for ESG reporting and Triple Bottom Line assessment. Validate your work and align with the industry. Establish market leadership by promoting your success.

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