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SBP approved as ICC Preferred Provider!

Monday, February 5, 2018

The building design and construction industry is in the middle of a paradigm shift where a great deal of emphasis is being directed towards building construction codes – but more specifically energy and green building codes. This heightened focus on environmental issues has created a need for building owners to adapt how they design, verify, construct, and operate buildings and likewise how Cities and States will adapt to meet growing energy efficiency, environmental, and resiliency goals. To this end, many innovative tools and techniques have been incorporated, which has lead to an overall shift towards a performance-based outlook on commercial buildings as opposed to the traditional prescriptive path.  SBP is at the forefront of this effort working closely with project teams to help support this performance based code approach and we are looking to extend that dialogue not only to the design/build community but also to code officials.

As an International Code Council Preferred Provider, SBP can officially offer construction code, ASHRAE 90.1 / IECC, IgCC and other educational offerings.  We want to continue to move the needle on energy efficiency and green construction and also work with project teams and code officials to help inform an effective path forward to meet our mutual goals for a sustainable future!