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project state market service area program
Brightview at South River MD Health 67400 LEED-NC
Morgan State University - Business Management MD Higher Education 130000 LEED-NC
Northrop Grumman - Shipbuilding Apprentice VA Office 80000 LEED-NC
Frostburg State University - CCIT MD Higher Education 127700 LEED-NC
College of Southern Maryland - CE Building MD Higher Education 45000 LEED-NC
Foxcroft School Dormitory VA K-12 Education 25000 LEED-NC
U.S. Navy - Flight Simulator VA Data Center 4300 LEED-NC
UMCP- President's Residence & Event Center MD Office 12500 LEED-NC
Yuma Study Center DC Higher Education 43000 LEED-NC
Westin DE Hospitality 136500 LEED-NC
The Asher VA Multifamily 218600 LEED-NC
Calvert Apartments VA Multifamily 300000 LEED-NC
Potomac Yard - Landbay I and J VA Multifamily 633700 LEED-NC
Annapolis Town Center II - Landbay 15 MD Multifamily 223200 LEED-NC
2201 Pershing VA Multifamily 241800 LEED-NC
Dominion Heights VA Multifamily 79000 LEED-NC
Parc Rossyln VA Multifamily 400000 LEED-NC
The Acadia VA Multifamily 702700 LEED-NC
Virginia Square Towers VA Multifamily 300000 LEED-NC
Prosperity Flats VA Multifamily 354500 LEED-NC
The Palisades MD Multifamily 345900 LEED-NC
Belcrest Plaza MD Multifamily 311900 LEED-NC
Reston Station VA Multifamily 416000 LEED-NC
First National Bank Apartments VA Multifamily 200000 LEED-NC
Mid Pike Plaza - Building 10 MD Multifamily 410800 LEED-NC
Mid Pike Plaza - Building 12 MD Multifamily 190000 LEED-NC
Bay Terrace Apartments CA Multifamily 389300 LEED-NC
The Ellsworth MD Multifamily 217700 LEED-NC
Two Park Crest VA Multifamily 303000 LEED-NC
Louis at 14th/U DC Multifamily 270000 LEED-NC
Capitol View on 14th DC Multifamily 255800 LEED-NC
The Premier DC Multifamily 152000 LEED-NC
Cathedral Commons DC Multifamily 280000 LEED-NC
CityMarket at O - Residences DC Multifamily 328300 LEED-NC
The Esplande at National Harbor MD Multifamily 401800 LEED-NC
The Yards - Parcel D DC Multifamily 220000 LEED-NC
The Exchange MD Multifamily 628100 LEED-NC
National Business Park 310 MD Office 125400 LEED-NC
Monument View VA Office 320000 LEED-NC
Dayspring Square MD Multifamily 46500 LEED-NC
INOVA - Medical Office Building IV VA Office 105000 LEED-NC
2900 Fairview VA Office 140800 LEED-NC
Loudon Community Health Center VA Office 23700 LEED-NC
Temple Hall Agri-Educational Facility VA Recreation 4800 LEED-NC
Dynasplint Systems, Inc. MD Office 72000 LEED-NC
Springline Architects VI Office 2800 LEED-NC
Center for Strategic and International Studies DC Office 129000 LEED-NC
National Public Radio DC Office 338000 LEED-NC
U.S. Navy - Navy Yard W183 DC Office 16000 LEED-NC
University of Delaware - Animal Care Facility DE Office 15000 LEED-NC
U.S. Navy - Hubbard Hall MD Recreation 35800 LEED-NC
Johns Hopkins University - Lacrosse Building MD Recreation 13800 LEED-NC
U.S. Air Force - Joint Base Andrews, Fitness MD Recreation 90800 LEED-NC
Airlie Pavilion VA Hospitality 5000 LEED-NC
Roger Carter Recreation Center MD Recreation 46000 LEED-NC
Kenilworth Parkside Recreation Center DC Recreation 19200 LEED-NC
Raymond Recreation Center DC Recreation 28000 LEED-NC
QIAGEN 4G Manufacturing MD Office 65000 LEED-NC
U.S. ARMY Fort Drum- Training Service Center NY Office 72000 LEED-NC
Embarcadero Commerce Center TX Office 246600 LEED-NC
165 Clinton NJ Other 60000 LEED-NC
HINE on Capitol Hill - North Apartments DC Multifamily 48300 LEED-NC
HINE - South Apartments DC Multifamily 305900 LEED-NC
Waterfront East Tower DC Multifamily 217500 LEED-NC
Waterfront West Tower DC Multifamily 240300 LEED-NC
Town Center Fire Station VA Public Safety 26000 LEED-NC
Bowie State University - New Student Union MD Higher Education 95000 LEED-NC
HealthWorks for Northern Virginia VA Office 27300 LEED-NC
450 K DC Multifamily 222800 LEED-NC
Dennis Avenue Health Clinic MD Health 30714 LEED-NC
Diocese of Wheeling WV K-12 Education 18000 LEED-NC
Duke University-School of Nursing Addition NC Higher Education 40000 LEED-NC
Frick Art & Historical Center PA Other 6000 LEED-NC
Jefferson Square at Washington Hill MD Multifamily 325000 LEED-NC
Harford Community College-School of Nursing MD Higher Education 50000 LEED-NC
Heinz History Center PA Other 50000 LEED-NC
Maplewood Township NJ Multifamily 66000 LEED-NC
Plaza 5 West VA Office 383260 LEED-NC
Salamander Resort & Spa VA Other 190000 LEED-NC
Silver Spring Library MD Other 80000 LEED-NC
Library for the Study of George Washington VA Other 50000 LEED-NC
1800 Rockville MD Multifamily 420722 LEED-NC
800 New Jersey DC Multifamily 297000 LEED-NC
Station House DC Multifamily 389000 LEED-NC
Bailey Park DC DC Multifamily 32000 LEED-NC
Braddock Gateway VA Multifamily 257000 LEED-NC
CityMarket at O - Cambria Suites DC Hospitality 108000 LEED-NC
Crown Farm MD Multifamily 844234 LEED-NC
George Mason University-Academic VII VA K-12 Education 170452 LEED-NC
I-95 Travel Plaza MD Hospitality 29845 LEED-NC
Jefferson Marketplace DC Multifamily 13400 LEED-NC
Jones Branch Drive VA Office 323985 LEED-NC
North Avenue Gateway MD Multifamily 90588 LEED-NC
Union Wharf MD Multifamily 315783 LEED-NC
Hebrew Home DC Multifamily 89300 LEED-NC
1211 Connecticut DC Office 125000 LEED-NC
1219 First DC Multifamily 257500 LEED-NC
1255 22nd DC Multifamily 265000 LEED-NC
1401 Wilson VA Multifamily 354000 LEED-NC
Utopia DC Multifamily 270000 LEED-NC
Tidewater Community College VA Higher Education 48000 LEED-NC
2101 MLK DC Office 31000 LEED-NC
2400 14th DC Multifamily 254000 LEED-NC
300 M DC Multifamily 477100 LEED-NC
West Broad Residences VA Multifamily 369400 LEED-NC
3rd & Poplar NC Multifamily 358600 LEED-NC
4990 Fairmont MD Multifamily 146200 LEED-NC
50 Florida DC Multifamily 225000 LEED-NC
500 Madison VA Multifamily 231800 LEED-NC
520 Park MD Multifamily 220000 LEED-NC
621 N Payne VA Multifamily 218600 LEED-NC
625 Rhode Island DC Multifamily 32000 LEED-NC
6822 New Hampshire DC Office 12500 LEED-NC
7001 Arlington Rd MD Multifamily 153200 LEED-NC
750 N Glebe VA Multifamily 495000 LEED-NC
7770 Norfolk MD Multifamily 256500 LEED-NC
8415 Fenton Drive MD Multifamily 446000 LEED-NC
8711 Georgia Ave. MD Multifamily 152230 LEED-NC
Anthem House MD Multifamily 243800 LEED-NC
ADP Campus Building TX Office 151000 LEED-NC
Advance at Hoboken NJ Multifamily 345500 LEED-NC
Ashburn Sheriff's Office VA Public Safety 18000 LEED-NC
Bacon Race Fire Station VA Public Safety 18000 LEED-NC
Brompton House DC Multifamily 277000 LEED-NC
U.A.E. Chancery Annex DC Office 16000 LEED-NC
College Park West MD Multifamily 257500 LEED-NC
Columbia Parcel C MD Multifamily 537000 LEED-NC
Catholic University DC Higher Education 54000 LEED-NC
Duke University NC Higher Education 70000 LEED-NC
Eastern Family Resource Center MD Municipal 80100 LEED-NC
Eastern Shore Community College VA Higher Education 47200 LEED-NC
Enoch Pratt Library MD Municipal 290000 LEED-NC
Enoch Pratt Library MD Municipal 290000 LEED-NC
Gateway Market DC Multifamily 153000 LEED-NC
Frick Art & Historical Center- Car & Carriage PA Other 29300 LEED-NC
U.S. ARMY Fort Drum- ASP NY Municipal 4000 LEED-NC
U.S. ARMY Fort Drum- Secure Storage NY Municipal 80100 LEED-NC
George Mason University Shenandoah Housing VA Higher Education 68500 LEED-NC
Trinity University DC Higher Education 80000 LEED-NC
Rosslyn Commons VA Multifamily 400000 LEED-NC
301 West Broad VA Multifamily 373000 LEED-NC
Hampton Inn DC Hospitality 85000 LEED-NC
Harbor East MD Hospitality 508300 LEED-NC
Harrison 5 NJ Multifamily 315000 LEED-NC
Henrico County Fire Station 19 VA Public Safety 11500 LEED-NC
Kirkpatrick Firestation VA Public Safety 17000 LEED-NC
Goodwin House VA Health 85000 LEED-NC
Latino Economic Development Center DC Office 6800 LEED-NC
Little Patuxent Square- Residential MD Multifamily 187800 LEED-NC
Metropolitan of McLean VA Multifamily 367000 LEED-NC
Metropolitan Park VA Multifamily 816400 LEED-NC
National Harbor MD Multifamily 430000 LEED-NC
NAVAIR Building 503 MD Data Center 8000 LEED-NC
Northgate Apartments VA Multifamily 191000 LEED-NC
Parkside at Kenilworth DC Recreation 19200 LEED-NC
Park Meridian at Eisenhower VA Multifamily 558200 LEED-NC
Park Potomac Building D MD Multifamily 557000 LEED-NC
PGCC Culinary Arts Center MD Higher Education 20000 LEED-NC
PGCC Queen Anne Academic Center MD Higher Education 170000 LEED-NC
Progress Place Homeless Shelter MD Municipal 39000 LEED-NC
PT2SO DC Office 18300 LEED-NC
R.I.S.E Demonstration Center DC Other 14500 LEED-NC
Red Square Data Center CO Data Center 150000 LEED-NC
Remington Row MD Multifamily 157700 LEED-NC
City Market at O Residences DC Multifamily 189700 LEED-NC
Robinson Terminal North- West Tract VA Multifamily 135000 LEED-NC
Robinson Terminal North- East Tract VA Hospitality 123500 LEED-NC
Rosslyn Central Place VA Multifamily 460500 LEED-NC
The Rotunda MD Multifamily 523200 LEED-NC
Salisbury University Academic Commons MD Higher Education 234300 LEED-NC
Southwest Towers East & West DC Multifamily 400000 LEED-NC
Spring Hill Parcel D VA Multifamily 360000 LEED-NC
Springfield Avenue Marketplace NJ Multifamily 152000 LEED-NC
Square 701 Residential DC Multifamily 266000 LEED-NC
St. Matthews Redevelopment DC Multifamily 209000 LEED-NC
Suffolk Municipal E911 VA Municipal 100000 LEED-NC
The Ascent VA Multifamily 578600 LEED-NC
The Blairs Block F1 VA Multifamily 348000 LEED-NC
The Latitude Apartments VA Multifamily 287200 LEED-NC
The Library for the Study of George Washington VA Other 50000 LEED-NC
The Signet DC Multifamily 130000 LEED-NC
The Signet DC Multifamily 130000 LEED-NC
The Tellus VA Multifamily 232800 LEED-NC
The Wharf Residential P2 DC Multifamily 445800 LEED-NC
The Wharf Residential P4 DC Multifamily 308500 LEED-NC
The Wharf Hotel P5 DC Hospitality 330000 LEED-NC
Three Metropolitan Park VA Multifamily 506200 LEED-NC
Town Center South DC Multifamily 166000 LEED-NC
Tysons West VA Multifamily 435000 LEED-NC
University of Maryland Edward St. John Center MD Higher Education 95800 LEED-NC
University of Maryland Engineering Building MD Higher Education 163000 LEED-NC
University of Richmond Jeter Hall VA Higher Education 58600 LEED-NC
University of Virgin Islands- St. Croix VI Higher Education 28200 LEED-NC
University of Virgin Islands- St. Thomas VI Higher Education 18900 LEED-NC
University Towers MD Higher Education 101000 LEED-NC
V Street Apartments DC Multifamily 82600 LEED-NC
Vienna Community Center VA Recreation 32000 LEED-NC
Wallops Island Mission Launch Command VA Other 15300 LEED-NC
Wallops Island Fire Station VA Municipal 16600 LEED-NC
Waterfront Station DC Multifamily 380000 LEED-NC
YMCA Towson Family Center MD Recreation 48000 LEED-NC
Pierce Queen Apartments VA Multifamily 201000 LEED-NC
1256 22nd St NW DC Multifamily 2017545 LEED-NC
NH Midtown North - The Haven MD Multifamily 250000 LEED-NC
NH Midtown North - The Haven MD Multifamily 204444 LEED-NC
Square 701 Apartment DC Multifamily 266000 LEED-NC
Square 701 Apartment DC Multifamily 212511 LEED-NC
1270 4th Street DC Multifamily 414000 LEED-NC
The Clifton Apartments DC Multifamily 134200 LEED-NC
150 Eye Street DC Multifamily 396000 LEED-NC
4201 Fairfax Drive VA Multifamily 146800 LEED-NC
Cheval Bethesda MD Multifamily 146200 LEED-NC
UAE Chancery Annex DC Other 122500 LEED-NC
Catholic University Father O'Connell Hall DC Higher Education 69000 LEED-NC
Chevy Chase Lakes MD Multifamily 216600 LEED-NC
Duke University Rubenstein Arts Center NC Higher Education 70300 LEED-NC
F1RST Residences DC Multifamily 349900 LEED-NC
Fort Lincoln - Jamison Street DC Multifamily 285500 LEED-NC
Ingleside at King Farm MD Multifamily 631700 LEED-NC
JoAnne Jorgensen Laboratory VA Health 14000 LEED-NC
Potomac Yard - Landbay D West VA Multifamily 414300 LEED-NC
Ripley II MD Multifamily 428300 LEED-NC
Robinson Landing VA Multifamily 185200 LEED-NC
The Boro - Block A VA Office 905000 LEED-NC
The Dalton VA Multifamily 256200 LEED-NC
The Pearl MD Multifamily 317200 LEED-NC
400 Florida Avenue DC Multifamily 111300 LEED-NC
Georgetown Day School DC K-12 Education 150000 LEED-NC
Lawrence Avenue Self Storage DC Other 127300 LEED-NC
North Bethesda Center - Parcel G MD Multifamily 332600 LEED-NC
UMES School of Pharmacy and Health Professions MD Higher Education 120000 LEED-NC
4000 N Fairfax VA Multifamily 330000 LEED-NC
St. Thomas Multifamily DC Multifamily 52000 LEED-NC
St. Thomas Parish DC Other 20900 LEED-NC
Harbor East - Liberty MD Multifamily 320000 LEED-NC
Ripley East MD Multifamily 367500 LEED-NC
655 NY - Penthouse & Fitness Center DC Office 10000 LEED-NC
The Waycroft VA Multifamily 547000 LEED-NC
2009 8th Street VA Multifamily 125200 LEED-NC
50 Florida Ave DC Multifamily 203000 LEED-NC
Riverside Apartments DC Multifamily 241000 LEED-NC
2901 Eisenhower Ave VA Multifamily 560000 LEED-NC
72 Florida Ave DC Other 166600 LEED-NC
1900 Half Street DC Office 421753 LEED-NC
6th and K Street Hotel DC Hospitality 135000 LEED-NC
American Geophysical Union DC Office 70366 LEED-NC
Meridian on First DC Multifamily 302400 LEED-NC
The Kiley DC Multifamily 226496 LEED-NC
Flats at Atlas DC Multifamily 324016 LEED-NC
AGU DC Office 70366 LEED-NC
Mary Riley Styles Library VA Municipal 25000 LEED-NC
Staples Mill Firehouse co Public Safety 15000 LEED-NC
The Waycroft VA Mixed-Use 55000 LEED-NC
Woodlawn Fire Station VA Public Safety 15000 LEED-NC
Station House DC Residential 371493 LEED-NC
Cathedral Commons DC Residential 136159 LEED-NC
River Point DC Multifamily 557289 LEED-NC
1401 Pennsylvania Avenue DC Multifamily 148303 LEED-NC
National Air and Space Museum DC Museum 600000 LEED-NC
Waterloo Fire Station MD Municipal 15000 LEED-NC
Joint Base Andrews MD Recreation 90800 LEED-NC
The Roger Carter Recreation Center MD Recreation 46000 LEED-NC
Johns Hopkins Lacrosse BLDG MD Higher Education 13800 LEED-NC
Town Center Fire Station VA Public Safety 26000 LEED-NC
Union Wharf MD Multifamily 315783 LEED-NC
F1rst Residences DC Multifamily 349884 LEED-NC
Georgetown University DC Higher Education 44000 LEED-NC
Bowie State University MD Higher Education 95000 LEED-NC
UMCP VA Higher Education 12500 LEED-NC
Seven Corners Fire Station VA Public Safety 14000 LEED-NC
Jacobsville Fire Station na Public Safety 13000 LEED-NC
Princess Anne Middle School VA K-12 Education 258000 LEED-NC
Henrico Fire Station VA Public Safety 11500 LEED-NC
Bacon Race Fire Station 26 VA Public Safety 18000 LEED-NC
George Mason University VA Higher Education 360000 LEED-NC
Salamander Resort & Spa VA Hospitality 190000 LEED-NC

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