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project state market service area program
Three Flint Hill VA Office 180000 LEED-CS
Brightview at South River MD Health 67400 LEED-NC
Ashburn Corporate Center 6 VA Data Center 222260 LEED-CS
James K. Polk Elementary VA K-12 Education 68000 LEED SCHOOLS
John Adams Elementary VA K-12 Education 142300 LEED SCHOOLS
Morgan State University - Business Management MD Higher Education 130000 LEED-NC
Northrop Grumman - Shipbuilding Apprentice VA Office 80000 LEED-NC
Frostburg State University - CCIT MD Higher Education 127700 LEED-NC
Gaithersburg High School MD K-12 Education 382400 LEED SCHOOLS
Foxcroft School Dormitory VA K-12 Education 25000 LEED-NC
U.S. Navy - Flight Simulator VA Data Center 4300 LEED-NC
Candlewood Elementary MD K-12 Education 85000 LEED SCHOOLS
Cardozo High School DC K-12 Education 250000 LEED SCHOOLS
Georgia Avenue Training Center DC Higher Education 24000 LEED-CI
IDEA Public Charter School DC K-12 Education 29000 LEED SCHOOLS
UMCP- President's Residence & Event Center MD Office 12500 LEED-NC
Westin DE Hospitality 136500 LEED-NC
The Asher VA Multifamily 218600 LEED-NC
Calvert Apartments VA Multifamily 300000 LEED-NC
The Madison VA Multifamily 348500
Annapolis Town Center II - Landbay 15 MD Multifamily 223200 LEED-NC
2201 Pershing VA Multifamily 241800 LEED-NC
Colonial Village VA Multifamily 122400 ENTERPRISE
Parc Rossyln VA Multifamily 400000 LEED-NC
The Acadia VA Multifamily 702700 LEED-NC
Virginia Square Towers VA Multifamily 300000 LEED-NC
Union Mill MD Office 86200 INCENTIVES
Prosperity Flats VA Multifamily 354500 LEED-NC
The Palisades MD Multifamily 345900 LEED-NC
U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs - Perry Point, 24H MD Health 24000 COMPLIANCE
Belcrest Plaza MD Multifamily 311900 LEED-NC
Reston Station VA Multifamily 416000 LEED-NC
Mid Pike Plaza - Building 10 MD Multifamily 410800 LEED-NC
Mid Pike Plaza - Building 12 MD Multifamily 190000 LEED-NC
Bay Terrace Apartments CA Multifamily 389300 LEED-NC
The Ellsworth MD Multifamily 217700 LEED-NC
Louis at 14th/U DC Multifamily 270000 LEED-NC
Capitol View on 14th DC Multifamily 255800 LEED-NC
The Premier DC Multifamily 152000 LEED-NC
Cathedral Commons DC Multifamily 280000 LEED-NC
CityMarket at O - Residences DC Multifamily 328300 LEED-NC
The Esplande at National Harbor MD Multifamily 401800 LEED-NC
The Yards - Parcel D DC Multifamily 220000 LEED-NC
The Exchange MD Multifamily 628100 LEED-NC
Hoffman VA Office 190400 LEED-CS
National Business Park 310 MD Office 125400 LEED-NC
National Business Park 420 MD Office 148300 LEED-CS
1900 Crystal VA Office 700000 LEED-CS
Monument View VA Office 320000 LEED-NC
4500 East West MD Office 220000 LEED-CS
Hillcrest One PA Office 115000 LEED-CS
Maryland Science and Technology Center - C & D MD Office 117360 LEED-CS
2900 Fairview VA Office 140800 LEED-NC
Northrop Grumman Corporation VA Office 334200 LEED-CI
The Pavilion at Elm NC Office 4800 LEED-CS
Maple Lawn Farm Flex Office - A, B, C, D, E MD Office 200000 LEED-CS
Amherst Building VA Office 115000 LEED-CS
Dynasplint Systems, Inc. MD Office 72000 LEED-NC
Liberty View Office Building 1 VA Office 192000 LEED-CS
Liberty Exchange Flex Office - A, B, C, D MD Office 573440 LEED-CS
Springline Architects VI Office 2800 LEED-NC
Tysons Tower VA Office 536000 LEED-CS
1700 New York DC Office 134000 LEED-CS
2001 M DC Office 299100 LEED-CS
500 N Capitol DC Office 220000 LEED-CS
Internal Revenue Service DC Office 167000 LEED-CI
U.S. Navy - Navy Yard W183 DC Office 16000 LEED-NC
Soldier Creek AZ Office 60000 LEED-CS
University of Delaware - Animal Care Facility DE Office 15000 LEED-NC
U.S. Navy - Hubbard Hall MD Recreation 35800 LEED-NC
InterContinental - Harbor Court MD Office 320300
Johns Hopkins University - Lacrosse Building MD Recreation 13800 LEED-NC
U.S. Air Force - Joint Base Andrews, Fitness MD Recreation 90800 LEED-NC
Airlie Pavilion VA Hospitality 5000 LEED-NC
Roger Carter Recreation Center MD Recreation 46000 LEED-NC
Kenilworth Parkside Recreation Center DC Recreation 19200 LEED-NC
Raymond Recreation Center DC Recreation 28000 LEED-NC
QIAGEN 4G Manufacturing MD Office 65000 LEED-NC
U.S. ARMY Fort Drum- Training Service Center NY Office 72000 LEED-NC
Embarcadero Commerce Center TX Office 246600 LEED-NC
165 Clinton NJ Other 60000 LEED-NC
1401 Wilson VA Office 207400 LEED-CS
Square 5 VA Office 301000
Square 4 - Energy Plant VA Office 318100
The Can Company - Emerging Technology Center MD Office 46500
Skyline One VA Office 251100
American Society of Civil Engineers VA Office 113700 LEED EBOM
Baltimore Crossroads - G MD Office 28500 LEED-CS
HINE on Capitol Hill - North Apartments DC Multifamily 48300 LEED-NC
HINE - South Apartments DC Multifamily 305900 LEED-NC
HINE - Office DC Office 190400 LEED-CS
Waterfront East Tower DC Multifamily 217500 LEED-NC
Waterfront West Tower DC Multifamily 240300 LEED-NC
Town Center Fire Station VA Public Safety 26000 LEED-NC
Bowie State University - New Student Union MD Higher Education 95000 LEED-NC
600 Massachusetts DC Office 430600 LEED-CS
7880 Milestone MD Office 120000 LEED-CS
Monumental Life Building MD Health 90184
Clover Hill Academy VA K-12 Education 210000 LEED SCHOOLS
Dennis Avenue Health Clinic MD Health 30714 LEED-NC
Diocese of Wheeling WV K-12 Education 18000 LEED-NC
Duke University-School of Nursing Addition NC Higher Education 40000 LEED-NC
Frick Art & Historical Center PA Other 6000 LEED-NC
Jefferson Square at Washington Hill MD Multifamily 325000 LEED-NC
Google 2.0 PA Office 30000 LEED-CI
Harford Community College-School of Nursing MD Higher Education 50000 LEED-NC
Heinz History Center PA Other 50000 LEED-NC
Maplewood Township NJ Multifamily 66000 LEED-NC
Plaza 5 East VA Office 725086 LEED-CS
Plaza 5 West VA Office 383260 LEED-NC
Salamander Resort & Spa VA Other 190000 LEED-NC
Silver Spring Library MD Other 80000 LEED-NC
Library for the Study of George Washington VA Other 50000 LEED-NC
130 Severn MD Office 10400 LEED-CS
1800 Rockville MD Multifamily 420722 LEED-NC
800 New Jersey DC Multifamily 297000 LEED-NC
Elements Gallery NC Retail 4800
Station House DC Multifamily 389000 LEED-NC
Ashburn Corporate Center 7 VA Data Center 400000 LEED-CS
CityMarket at O - Cambria Suites DC Hospitality 108000 LEED-NC
Crown Farm MD Multifamily 844234 LEED-NC
George Mason University-Academic VII VA K-12 Education 170452 LEED-NC
City Market at O - Hodge on 7th DC Multifamily 83100 ENTERPRISE
I-95 Travel Plaza MD Hospitality 29845 LEED-NC
Jones Branch Drive VA Office 323985 LEED-NC
Union Wharf MD Multifamily 315783 LEED-NC
1525 14th DC Office 47240 LEED-CS
10 N Calvert MD Multifamily 164570
11 Stanwix PA Office 450000 INCENTIVES
1111 N Charles MD Office 60000
Hebrew Home DC Multifamily 89300 LEED-NC
The Lenore e, Multifamily 107000
1219 First DC Multifamily 257500 LEED-NC
1255 22nd DC Multifamily 265000 LEED-NC
1401 Wilson VA Multifamily 354000 LEED-NC
Utopia DC Multifamily 270000 LEED-NC
1700 M DC Office 343150 LEED-CS
Tidewater Community College VA Higher Education 48000 LEED-NC
1800 Eye DC Office 35000 LEED-CS
2025 Clarendon VA Office 189000 LEED-CS
2311 Wilson VA Office 180000 LEED-CS
2400 14th DC Multifamily 254000 LEED-NC
275 N Washington MD Office 22500 LEED-CS
2800 Lord Baltimore MD Office 146700 LEED-CS
300 M DC Multifamily 477100 LEED-NC
West Broad Residences VA Multifamily 369400 LEED-NC
3rd & Poplar NC Multifamily 358600 LEED-NC
40 Wight MD Office 105000 LEED-CS
4000 Benning DC Multifamily 67380 ENTERPRISE
4990 Fairmont MD Multifamily 146200 LEED-NC
50 Florida DC Multifamily 225000 LEED-NC
500 Madison VA Multifamily 231800 LEED-NC
621 N Payne VA Multifamily 218600 LEED-NC
6822 New Hampshire DC Office 12500 LEED-NC
700 K DC Office 361500 LEED-CS
7001 Arlington Rd MD Multifamily 153200 LEED-NC
7125 Columbia Gateway MD Office 254000 LEED-CS
750 N Glebe VA Multifamily 495000 LEED-NC
7770 Norfolk MD Multifamily 256500 LEED-NC
785 Arbor Way PA Office 200000 LEED-CS
8415 Fenton Drive MD Multifamily 446000 LEED-NC
8711 Georgia Ave. MD Multifamily 152230 LEED-NC
Anthem House MD Multifamily 243800 LEED-NC
Accotink Village VA Multifamily 353000 LEED HOMES
ADP Campus Building TX Office 151000 LEED-NC
Advance at Hoboken NJ Multifamily 345500 LEED-NC
American Dream NJ Retail 2500000 INCENTIVES
Anacostia High School DC K-12 Education 205000 LEED SCHOOLS
Archer Park DC Multifamily 192500 LEED HOMES
Art Place at Fort Totten DC Office 538000 LEED-CI
Ashburn Sheriff's Office VA Public Safety 18000 LEED-NC
Atlantic Gardens DC Multifamily 83500 ENTERPRISE
Atlantic Terrace DC Multifamily 167000 ENTERPRISE
Ashburn Technology Park VA Office 110000 LEED-CS
Bacon Race Fire Station VA Public Safety 18000 LEED-NC
Bakery Square 2.0 PA Office 212000 LEED-CS
Ballpark Square DC Office 230000 LEED-CS
Baltimore West Side Shelter MD Multifamily 12000
Brompton House DC Multifamily 277000 LEED-NC
The Crescent Building A MD Office 200000 LEED-CS
BWI Tech Park III MD Office 51100 LEED-CS
Campostella Elementary School VA K-12 Education 185000 COMPLIANCE
Caribbean Cinemas VI Other 30000 INCENTIVES
Central Savings MD Multifamily 18200
Channel Square DC Multifamily 315400 ENTERPRISE
Chase Brexton Health Services MD Office 90000 INCENTIVES
City Sports DC Retail 38000 COMPLIANCE
Carnegie Mellon University PA Higher Education 3500 COMPLIANCE
College Park West MD Multifamily 257500 LEED-NC
Columbia Hills VA Multifamily 231000 COMPLIANCE
Columbia Parcel C MD Multifamily 537000 LEED-NC
Crystal Square 3 VA Office 210000 LEED-CS
Catholic University DC Higher Education 54000 LEED-NC
Dublin Elementary School MD K-12 Education 44300 INCENTIVES
Duke University NC Higher Education 70000 LEED-NC
Eastern Family Resource Center MD Municipal 80100 LEED-NC
Eastern Shore Community College VA Higher Education 47200 LEED-NC
Edgewood Terrace DC Multifamily 84700 ENTERPRISE
Enoch Pratt Library MD Municipal 290000 LEED-NC
Enoch Pratt Library MD Municipal 290000 LEED-NC
Essex House MD Multifamily 113000 ENTERPRISE
The Can Company Tech Center MD Office 46500 INCENTIVES
Fairmont High School MD K-12 Education 180000 LEED SCHOOLS
Fallston High School MD K-12 Education 230000 INCENTIVES
Fieldside Village MD Multifamily 218300 INCENTIVES
Georgetown University Residence Hall DC Higher Education 85000 LEED-CI
Gateway Market DC Multifamily 153000 LEED-NC
Gateway at Washington Hill Phase II MD Multifamily 220000
Frick Art & Historical Center- Car & Carriage PA Other 29300 LEED-NC
U.S. ARMY Fort Drum- ASP NY Municipal 4000 LEED-NC
U.S. ARMY Fort Drum- Secure Storage NY Municipal 80100 LEED-NC
George Mason University Shenandoah Housing VA Higher Education 68500 LEED-NC
Hecht's Historic Warehouse DC Multifamily 545000 LEED-CS
Rosslyn Commons VA Multifamily 400000 LEED-NC
301 West Broad VA Multifamily 373000 LEED-NC
Google 3.0 PA Office 39600 LEED-CI
Hampton Inn DC Hospitality 85000 LEED-NC
Harrison 5 NJ Multifamily 315000 LEED-NC
HELP USA DC Multifamily 70000 ENERGY STAR
Henrico County Fire Station 19 VA Public Safety 11500 LEED-NC
Hillcrest III PA Office 150000
INTEC Group VA Office 6300 LEED-CI
Kirkpatrick Firestation VA Public Safety 17000 LEED-NC
Goodwin House VA Health 85000 LEED-NC
Latino Economic Development Center DC Office 6800 LEED-NC
Little Patuxent Square- Office MD Office 126000 LEED-CS
Little Patuxent Square- Residential MD Multifamily 187800 LEED-NC
Merritt Municipal Police Department DC Public Safety 90000 COMPLIANCE
Merriweather Post Pavilion MD Other 20000 LEED-CS
Metropolitan of McLean VA Multifamily 367000 LEED-NC
Metropolitan Park VA Multifamily 816400 LEED-NC
Montgomery College Resource Center MD Higher Education 44000 COMPLIANCE
N Street Village DC Multifamily 150700 COMPLIANCE
National Harbor MD Multifamily 430000 LEED-NC
National Business Park 540 MD Office 150000 LEED-CS
National Business Park 610 MD Office 160000 INCENTIVES
NAVAIR Building 503 MD Data Center 8000 LEED-NC
Northgate Apartments VA Multifamily 191000 LEED-NC
NSA Fuller Hall MD Other 74000 COMPLIANCE
Parkside at Kenilworth DC Recreation 19200 LEED-NC
Brightleaf & Cooper VA Multifamily 73000 LEED HOMES
NSF Missile Support Facility VA Other 59000 COMPLIANCE
Park Meridian at Eisenhower VA Multifamily 558200 LEED-NC
Park Potomac Building D MD Multifamily 557000 LEED-NC
Pittsburgh Ballet Theater PA Other 12000 COMPLIANCE
Price Modern MD Office 51000 LEED-CS
PGCC Culinary Arts Center MD Higher Education 20000 LEED-NC
PGCC Queen Anne Academic Center MD Higher Education 170000 LEED-NC
Progress Place Homeless Shelter MD Municipal 39000 LEED-NC
PT2SO DC Office 18300 LEED-NC
R.I.S.E Demonstration Center DC Other 14500 LEED-NC
Red Square Data Center CO Data Center 150000 LEED-NC
Remington Row MD Multifamily 157700 LEED-NC
City Market at O Residences DC Multifamily 189700 LEED-NC
Riverdale Park #4 MD Retail 78500 LEED-ND
Robinson Terminal North- West Tract VA Multifamily 135000 LEED-NC
Robinson Terminal North- East Tract VA Hospitality 123500 LEED-NC
Rocketship DC Charter School DC K-12 Education 57000 LEED SCHOOLS
Rosslyn Central Place VA Multifamily 460500 LEED-NC
The Rotunda MD Multifamily 523200 LEED-NC
Salisbury University Academic Commons MD Higher Education 234300 LEED-NC
Duke Elementary School MD K-12 Education 76000 LEED SCHOOLS
Smithsonian Institute Bird House DC Other 32000 COMPLIANCE
So Others Might Eat, Inc. DC Multifamily 207500 LEED HOMES
Southwest Towers East & West DC Multifamily 400000 LEED-NC
Spring Hill Parcel D VA Multifamily 360000 LEED-NC
Springfield Metro II VA Office 645000 LEED-CS
Square 701 Residential DC Multifamily 266000 LEED-NC
Square 701 Ballpark Hotel DC Hospitality 132800 LEED-CS
Square 701 Ballpark Hotel DC Hospitality 132800 LEED-CS
St. Matthews Redevelopment DC Multifamily 209000 LEED-NC
Stadium Square Block 3 MD Office 60000 LEED-CS
Stanton Elementary School DC K-12 Education 52600 COMPLIANCE
Suffolk Municipal E911 VA Municipal 100000 LEED-NC
The Ascent VA Multifamily 578600 LEED-NC
The Gateway to Weehawken NJ Multifamily 163300 COMPLIANCE
The Grove at Parkside DC Multifamily 185200 COMPLIANCE
The Library for the Study of George Washington VA Other 50000 LEED-NC
The Tellus VA Multifamily 232800 LEED-NC
The Wharf Residential P2 DC Multifamily 445800 LEED-NC
The Wharf Residential P4 DC Multifamily 308500 LEED-NC
The Wharf Hotel P5 DC Hospitality 330000 LEED-NC
The Wharf Office P3A DC Office 210900 LEED-CS
The Wharf Capital Yacht Club DC Other 7500 LEED-CS
The Young School MD K-12 Education 25000 LEED-CS
Three Metropolitan Park VA Multifamily 506200 LEED-NC
Town Center South DC Multifamily 166000 LEED-NC
Tysons West VA Multifamily 435000 LEED-NC
U.A.E Embassy DC Office 87000 INCENTIVES
Uline Arena DC Office 261900 LEED-CS
University of Maryland Edward St. John Center MD Higher Education 95800 LEED-NC
University of Maryland Engineering Building MD Higher Education 163000 LEED-NC
University Mall Building E VA Office 5000 LEED-CS
University Mall Building F VA Office 15000 LEED-CS
University of Richmond Jeter Hall VA Higher Education 58600 LEED-NC
University of Virgin Islands- St. Croix VI Higher Education 28200 LEED-NC
University of Virgin Islands- St. Thomas VI Higher Education 18900 LEED-NC
University Towers MD Higher Education 101000 LEED-NC
Veterans Administration Perry Point 24H MD Other 24000 COMPLIANCE
Veterans Administration Perry Pt Community Living MD Health 160000 COMPLIANCE
Vienna Community Center VA Recreation 32000 LEED-NC
Wallops Island Mission Launch Command VA Other 15300 LEED-NC
Washington Post Site DC Office 887400 LEED-CS
Waterfront Station DC Multifamily 380000 LEED-NC
Wheaton Grandview MD Multifamily 179000 COMPLIANCE
Woodmont East MD Office 323000 LEED-CS
Yates Corner VA Other 27500 LEED-CS
YMCA Towson Family Center MD Recreation 48000 LEED-NC
Crestwood Cooperative DC Multifamily 19700 ENTERPRISE
Pierce Queen Apartments VA Multifamily 201000 LEED-NC
The Laurel TX Multifamily 281209
1256 22nd St NW DC Multifamily 2017545 LEED-NC
Monarch at Waugh Chapel MD Multifamily 300500 ENERGY STAR
Monarch at Waugh Chapel MD Multifamily 231335 ENERGY STAR
NH Midtown North - The Haven MD Multifamily 250000 LEED-NC
NH Midtown North - The Haven MD Multifamily 204444 LEED-NC
Powhatan VA Other 2447805 LEED HOMES
Square 701 Apartment DC Multifamily 266000 LEED-NC
Square 701 Apartment DC Multifamily 212511 LEED-NC
1270 4th Street DC Multifamily 414000 LEED-NC
The Clifton Apartments DC Multifamily 134200 LEED-NC
150 Eye Street DC Multifamily 396000 LEED-NC
25 M Street DC Office 258700 LEED-CS
4201 Fairfax Drive VA Multifamily 146800 LEED-NC
Cheval Bethesda MD Multifamily 146200 LEED-NC
Carlyle Plaza One VA Office 602000 LEED-CS
Catholic University Father O'Connell Hall DC Higher Education 69000 LEED-NC
Chevy Chase Lakes MD Multifamily 216600 LEED-NC
Diane's House Ministries DC Multifamily 30600
Duke University Rubenstein Arts Center NC Higher Education 70300 LEED-NC
Elysium Logan DC Multifamily 54900
F1RST Residences DC Multifamily 349900 LEED-NC
Fort Lincoln - Jamison Street DC Multifamily 285500 LEED-NC
Ingleside at King Farm MD Multifamily 631700 LEED-NC
Potomac Yard - Landbay D West VA Multifamily 414300 LEED-NC
Ripley II MD Multifamily 428300 LEED-NC
Robinson Landing VA Multifamily 185200 LEED-NC
The Boro - Block A VA Office 905000 LEED-NC
The Dalton VA Multifamily 256200 LEED-NC
The Excelsior DC Multifamily 525900
Union on Queen VA Multifamily 207800 ENERGY STAR
2 Eye Street DC Office 421700 LEED EBOM
400 Florida Avenue DC Multifamily 111300 LEED-NC
Bel Air Elementary School VA K-12 Education 53700 ENERGY STAR
The Gateway: Office Building 2 VA Office 61000 LEED-CS
Georgetown Day School DC K-12 Education 150000 LEED-NC
Lawrence Avenue Self Storage DC Other 127300 LEED-NC
North Bethesda Center - Parcel G MD Multifamily 332600 LEED-NC
Thoroughgood Elementary VA K-12 Education 91900 LEED SCHOOLS
UMES School of Pharmacy and Health Professions MD Higher Education 120000 LEED-NC
818 Michigan Ave DC Other 310700
ACC9 Data Center VA Data Center 362100 LEED-CS
Regus DC Office 244200 LEED EBOM
4000 N Fairfax VA Multifamily 330000 LEED-NC
MICA Commons II MD Higher Education 74000 INCENTIVES
St. Thomas Multifamily DC Multifamily 52000 LEED-NC
St. Thomas Parish DC Other 20900 LEED-NC
Coolidge High School DC K-12 Education 359060 LEED SCHOOLS
1515 New York Ave. DC Retail 93000 LEED-CS
888 16th St. NW DC Office 150000 LEED-CS
The Waycroft VA Multifamily 547000 LEED-NC
2009 8th Street VA Multifamily 125200 LEED-NC
50 Florida Ave DC Multifamily 203000 LEED-NC
City View Apartments DC Multifamily 70000 LEED HOMES
2901 Eisenhower Ave VA Multifamily 560000 LEED-NC
1400 L Street DC Office 168000 LEED-CS
Goodwin DC DC Office 83000 LEED-CI
72 Florida Ave DC Other 166600 LEED-NC
700/800 K Street DC Office 455000 LEED-CS
Axiom Apartments MD Multifamily 260000 LEED HOMES
Bainbridge Federal Hill MD Multifamily 240000 LEED HOMES
1441 L Street DC Office 220271
1440 N. Edgewood Street VA Office 41669 LEED-CS
1900 Half Street DC Office 421753 LEED-NC
Goodwin Procter DC DC Office 270980 LEED-CI
City Ridge DC Other 1000000 LEED-ND
609 H Street DC Office 100000 LEED-CS
Meridian on First DC Multifamily 302400 LEED-NC
Paul Hastings DC DC Office 70253 LEED-CI
Maryvale Elementary School MD K-12 Education 177000 LEED SCHOOLS
The Kiley DC Multifamily 226496 LEED-NC
Flats at Atlas DC Multifamily 324016 LEED-NC
5901 Blair Road NW DC Other 97000 LEED-WDC
655 NY Ave DC Office 62000 LEED-CS
City Ridge DC Mixed-Use 1000000 LEED-ND
District Wharf DC Multifamily 1200000 LEED EBOM
Mary Riley Styles Library VA Municipal 25000 LEED-NC
Staples Mill Firehouse co Public Safety 15000 LEED-NC
The Waycroft VA Mixed-Use 55000 LEED-NC
1400 K Street DC Office 213205 LEED EBOM
Station House DC Residential 371493 LEED-NC
2001 M Street DC Office 285000 LEED-CS
Candlewood Elementary School MD K-12 Education 82222 LEED SCHOOLS
Cathedral Commons DC Residential 136159 LEED-NC
Silver Spring Metro Plaza MD Office LEED EBOM
Matson Mill PA Multifamily 320000
Xylem Water Solutions DC Office 17120
Nisky Center ds Office 53000
Lidl Skyland DC Retail 29414
923 V Street DC Multifamily 27779
Catoctin View ck Other 41221 ENERGY STAR
801 East Men's Shelter DC Public Safety 85000
Spring Flats Senior DC Multifamily 74893
DDOT DC Office 175000 LEED-CI
River Point DC Multifamily 557289 LEED-NC
1401 Pennsylvania Avenue DC Multifamily 148303 LEED-NC
1222 22nd Street NW DC Office 58419 LEED-CS
Brookfield DC HQ DC Office 25903 LEED-CI
Paul Hastings DC Office 70253 LEED-CI
City View Apartments DC Multifamily
S.O.M.E DC Multifamily 320000 LEED HOMES
Channel Square DC Multifamily 315000 ENTERPRISE
Union Mill MD Multifamily 86200 INCENTIVES
MICA MD Higher Education 74000 BCGBS
National Air and Space Museum DC Museum 600000 LEED-NC
Waterloo Fire Station MD Municipal 15000 LEED-NC
Joint Base Andrews MD Recreation 90800 LEED-NC
The Roger Carter Recreation Center MD Recreation 46000 LEED-NC
Johns Hopkins Lacrosse BLDG MD Higher Education 13800 LEED-NC
Vienna Community Center MD Recreation 32000
Town Center Fire Station VA Public Safety 26000 LEED-NC
The Highlands VA Multifamily 1300000
Union Wharf MD Multifamily 315783 LEED-NC
F1rst Residences DC Multifamily 349884 LEED-NC
Bowie State University MD Higher Education 95000 LEED-NC
UMCP VA Higher Education 12500 LEED-NC
Seven Corners Fire Station VA Public Safety 14000 LEED-NC
Colonial Village VA Multifamily 122400 ENTERPRISE
Princess Anne Middle School VA K-12 Education 258000 LEED-NC
Henrico Fire Station VA Public Safety 11500 LEED-NC
Bacon Race Fire Station 26 VA Public Safety 18000 LEED-NC
Anthem House MD Multifamily 349368
James. K Polk Elementary VA K-12 Education 68000 LEED SCHOOLS
Royal Sonesta MD Hospitality 320300
Goodwin House VA Senior Living 85000 LEED
Wegmans- City Ridge and Twinbrook DC Retail 188000 LEED-CI
1849 Good Hope DC Multifamily 15955 EGC 2015
VISTA VA Mixed-Use 238000 LEED v4 BD+C
Knox Road Student Housing MD Mixed-Use 406513 LEED

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Three Flint Hill