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project state market service area program
1625 Eye DC Office 386000 LEED EBOM
The Madison VA Multifamily 348500
InterContinental - Harbor Court MD Office 320300
Marriott- Fairview Park VA Hospitality 296300 INCENTIVES
The Grand Hotel MN Hospitality 200500
Sofitel PA Hospitality 266000
Hotel Monaco DC Hospitality 175900
Marriot - Courtyard Embassy Row DC Hospitality 100000
Fairbrooke Apartments MD Multifamily 122000 INCENTIVES
Fairspring Apartments MD Multifamily 100000 INCENTIVES
Fairgreen Apartments MD Multifamily 92000 INCENTIVES
Fairview Apartments MD Multifamily 100000 INCENTIVES
Pikeswood Park MD Multifamily 140000 INCENTIVES
Blair House MD Multifamily 375000 ENERGY STAR
Blair Plaza MD Multifamily 372600 ENERGY STAR
Blair Towers MD Multifamily 327180 ENERGY STAR
1400 Key Blvd VA Office 176200 ENERGY STAR
1501 Wilson Blvd VA Office 129100 LEED EBOM
Ballston Metro Common VA Office 234000 ENERGY STAR
Plaza 4 VA Office 220400
Square 5 VA Office 301000
Square 4 - Energy Plant VA Office 318100
The Can Company - Emerging Technology Center MD Office 46500
Skyline One VA Office 251100
1768 Business Park VA Office 98700 ENERGY STAR
American Society of Civil Engineers VA Office 113700 LEED EBOM
One Reston Crescent VA Office 185000 LEED EBOM
Two Reston Crescent VA Office 193300 LEED EBOM
American Speech Hearing Language Association MD Office 137500 LEED EBOM
Montrose Metro I MD Office 117400 LEED EBOM
Silver Spring Metro Plaza - 8401 MD Office 158500 LEED EBOM
Silver Spring Metro Plaza MD Office 664400 ENERGY STAR
1200 K DC Office 425700 LEED EBOM
1250 Connecticut DC Office 196600 LEED EBOM
1400 K DC Office 210800 LEED EBOM
1919 M DC Office 271500 LEED EBOM
2000 L DC Office 420400 LEED EBOM
2001 L DC Office 153200 LEED EBOM
601 and 701 South 12th Street VA Office 600000 LEED EBOM
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace DC Office 89200 LEED EBOM
1776 Eye DC Office 232000 LEED EBOM
District Real Estate Services - Parks & Recreation DC Recreation 102500 COMPLIANCE
District Real Estate Services - Public Schools DC K-12 Education 865500 COMPLIANCE
District Real Estate Services - Metro Police DC Public Safety 138200 COMPLIANCE
District Real Estate Services - Fire & EMS DC Public Safety 88000 COMPLIANCE
West End Court DC Office 108800 ENERGY STAR
Arlington Gateway VA Office 328100 LEED EBOM
8455 Colesville MD Office 215500 LEED EBOM
130 Severn MD Office 10400 LEED-CS
Victor Building DC Office 341938 LEED EBOM
Airline Pilots Association Building DC Office 129780 LEED-CI
799 Ninth Street DC Office 220000 LEED EBOM
1255 22nd DC Multifamily 265000 LEED-NC
500 First DC Office 134400 LEED EBOM
540 Gaither MD Office 143500 LEED EBOM
Ashton Square VA Multifamily 310900 INCENTIVES
Atlantic Gardens DC Multifamily 83500 ENTERPRISE
Atlantic Terrace DC Multifamily 167000 ENTERPRISE
Benning Heights DC Multifamily 140000 INCENTIVES
650 Massachusetts DC Office 458300 LEED EBOM
Channel Square DC Multifamily 315400 ENTERPRISE
Dublin Elementary School MD K-12 Education 44300 INCENTIVES
Marriott Embassy Row DC Hospitality 100000 INCENTIVES
The Can Company Tech Center MD Office 46500 INCENTIVES
Glen Forest Drive VA Office 59300 INCENTIVES
Park Meridian at Eisenhower VA Multifamily 558200 LEED-NC
Webb Building DC Office 76000 INCENTIVES
Victor Building DC Office 349687 LEED EBOM
1400 K Street DC Office 213205 LEED EBOM
500 First Street DC Office 134435 LEED EBOM
540 Gaither Road MD Office 143547 LEED EBOM
Silver Spring Metro Plaza MD Office LEED EBOM
1625 Eye DC Office 386000 LEED EBOM
Royal Sonesta MD Hospitality 320300
Hotel Monaco DC Hospitality 175900

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