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project state market service area program
James K. Polk Elementary VA K-12 Education 68000 LEED SCHOOLS
Morgan State University - Business Management MD Higher Education 130000 LEED-NC
Colonial Village VA Multifamily 122400 ENTERPRISE
Virginia Square Towers VA Multifamily 300000 LEED-NC
Union Mill MD Office 86200 INCENTIVES
U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs - Perry Point, 24H MD Health 24000 COMPLIANCE
National Business Park 310 MD Office 125400 LEED-NC
National Business Park 420 MD Office 148300 LEED-CS
1900 Crystal VA Office 700000 LEED-CS
4500 East West MD Office 220000 LEED-CS
2900 Fairview VA Office 140800 LEED-NC
The Pavilion at Elm NC Office 4800 LEED-CS
U.S. Navy - Hubbard Hall MD Recreation 35800 LEED-NC
InterContinental - Harbor Court MD Office 320300
U.S. Air Force - Joint Base Andrews, Fitness MD Recreation 90800 LEED-NC
Airlie Pavilion VA Hospitality 5000 LEED-NC
1707 L DC Recreation 1400 LEED-CI
U.S. ARMY Fort Drum- Training Service Center NY Office 72000 LEED-NC
2345 Crystal VA Office 499000 LEED EBOM
The Can Company - Emerging Technology Center MD Office 46500
Two Reston Crescent VA Office 193300 LEED EBOM
Montrose Metro I MD Office 117400 LEED EBOM
Silver Spring Metro Plaza - 8401 MD Office 158500 LEED EBOM
Silver Spring Metro Plaza MD Office 664400 ENERGY STAR
1200 K DC Office 425700 LEED EBOM
1250 Connecticut DC Office 196600 LEED EBOM
1400 K DC Office 210800 LEED EBOM
2000 L DC Office 420400 LEED EBOM
2001 L DC Office 153200 LEED EBOM
601 and 701 South 12th Street VA Office 600000 LEED EBOM
1776 Eye DC Office 232000 LEED EBOM
District Real Estate Services - Parks & Recreation DC Recreation 102500 COMPLIANCE
District Real Estate Services - Public Schools DC K-12 Education 865500 COMPLIANCE
District Real Estate Services - Metro Police DC Public Safety 138200 COMPLIANCE
District Real Estate Services - Fire & EMS DC Public Safety 88000 COMPLIANCE
West End Court DC Office 108800 ENERGY STAR
Arlington Gateway VA Office 328100 LEED EBOM
600 Massachusetts DC Office 430600 LEED-CS
7880 Milestone MD Office 120000 LEED-CS
Dennis Avenue Health Clinic MD Health 30714 LEED-NC
800 New Jersey DC Multifamily 297000 LEED-NC
Victor Building DC Office 341938 LEED EBOM
Airline Pilots Association Building DC Office 129780 LEED-CI
Sustainable Building Partners VA Office 4885 LEED-CI
11 Stanwix PA Office 450000 INCENTIVES
1111 N Charles MD Office 60000
287 Houston NY Office 11000 COMPLIANCE
40 Wight MD Office 105000 LEED-CS
4000 Benning DC Multifamily 67380 ENTERPRISE
500 First DC Office 134400 LEED EBOM
540 Gaither MD Office 143500 LEED EBOM
7001 Arlington Rd MD Multifamily 153200 LEED-NC
750 N Glebe VA Multifamily 495000 LEED-NC
Anthem House MD Multifamily 243800 LEED-NC
Accotink Village VA Multifamily 353000 LEED HOMES
Archer Park DC Multifamily 192500 LEED HOMES
Atlantic Gardens DC Multifamily 83500 ENTERPRISE
Atlantic Terrace DC Multifamily 167000 ENTERPRISE
Benning Heights DC Multifamily 140000 INCENTIVES
Media Office DC Office 46000 LEED-CI
650 Massachusetts DC Office 458300 LEED EBOM
The Crescent Building A MD Office 200000 LEED-CS
Cambria Square VA Multifamily 50000 LEED HOMES
Cameron Park VA Multifamily 66000 LEED HOMES
Caribbean Cinemas VI Other 30000 INCENTIVES
Channel Square DC Multifamily 315400 ENTERPRISE
Dublin Elementary School MD K-12 Education 44300 INCENTIVES
Edgewood Terrace DC Multifamily 84700 ENTERPRISE
Essex House MD Multifamily 113000 ENTERPRISE
The Can Company Tech Center MD Office 46500 INCENTIVES
Fairfax County Government: AHU Replacement VA Office 300000 COMPLIANCE
Fallston High School MD K-12 Education 230000 INCENTIVES
HELP USA DC Multifamily 70000 ENERGY STAR
INTEC Group VA Office 6300 LEED-CI
Kirkpatrick Firestation VA Public Safety 17000 LEED-NC
Latino Economic Development Center DC Office 6800 LEED-NC
N Street Village DC Multifamily 150700 COMPLIANCE
Brightleaf & Cooper VA Multifamily 73000 LEED HOMES
NSF Missile Support Facility VA Other 59000 COMPLIANCE
Republic Place DC Office 227500 LEED EBOM
Richard Bland College Ernst Hall VA Higher Education 35600 COMPLIANCE
Salisbury University Academic Commons MD Higher Education 234300 LEED-NC
Duke Elementary School MD K-12 Education 76000 LEED SCHOOLS
Smithsonian Institute Bird House DC Other 32000 COMPLIANCE
St. Matthews Redevelopment DC Multifamily 209000 LEED-NC
Stanton Elementary School DC K-12 Education 52600 COMPLIANCE
The Wharf Residential P2 DC Multifamily 445800 LEED-NC
The Wharf Residential P4 DC Multifamily 308500 LEED-NC
The Wharf Hotel P5 DC Hospitality 330000 LEED-NC
The Wharf Office P3A DC Office 210900 LEED-CS
The Wharf Capital Yacht Club DC Other 7500 LEED-CS
U.A.E Embassy DC Office 87000 INCENTIVES
University Towers MD Higher Education 101000 LEED-NC
Waterfront Station DC Multifamily 380000 LEED-NC
Wheaton Grandview MD Multifamily 179000 COMPLIANCE
Parkview Tower MD Multifamily 125000 COMPLIANCE
Victor Building DC Office 349687 LEED EBOM
Monarch at Waugh Chapel MD Multifamily 300500 ENERGY STAR
Monarch at Waugh Chapel MD Multifamily 231335 ENERGY STAR
NH Midtown North - The Haven MD Multifamily 250000 LEED-NC
Powhatan VA Other 2447805 LEED HOMES
MICA Commons II MD Higher Education 74000 INCENTIVES
City View Apartments DC Multifamily 70000 LEED HOMES
Axiom Apartments MD Multifamily 260000 LEED HOMES
Bainbridge Federal Hill MD Multifamily 240000 LEED HOMES
Avenue Grand Apartments MD Multifamily 308000 LEED-CI
1440 N. Edgewood Street VA Office 41669 LEED-CS
Beckert's Park Safeway DC Retail 60236 LEED-CI
Flats at Atlas DC Multifamily 324016 LEED-NC
District Wharf DC Multifamily 1200000 LEED EBOM
500 First Street DC Office 134435 LEED EBOM
540 Gaither Road MD Office 143547 LEED EBOM
Matson Mill PA Multifamily 320000
Nisky Center ds Office 53000
Catoctin View ck Other 41221 ENERGY STAR
801 East Men's Shelter DC Public Safety 85000
Cambria on Q DC Hospitality 82057
Spring Flats Senior DC Multifamily 74893
City View Apartments DC Multifamily
Union Mill MD Multifamily 86200 INCENTIVES
MICA MD Higher Education 74000 BCGBS
Joint Base Andrews MD Recreation 90800 LEED-NC
The Highlands VA Multifamily 1300000
F1rst Residences DC Multifamily 349884 LEED-NC
Jacobsville Fire Station na Public Safety 13000 LEED-NC
Colonial Village VA Multifamily 122400 ENTERPRISE
Princess Anne Middle School VA K-12 Education 258000 LEED-NC
1101 NY DC Office 46000 LEED-CI
11109 VA Office 8300 LEED-CI
Anthem House MD Multifamily 349368
Royal Sonesta MD Hospitality 320300
Meltzer Center DC Higher Education 90000 LEED SCHOOLS

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